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Perhaps the first written expression of the concept is the advice given by Siduri to Gilgamesh , telling him to forgo his mourning and embrace life although some scholars see it as simply urging Gilgamesh to abandon his mourning, "reversing the liminal rituals of mourning and returning to the normal and normative behaviors of Mesopotamian society." [4] [5]

In a partnership with Tinder, Delta put scenes from nine exotic destinations on a wall in Brooklyn so New York City singles could take selfies for their dating profiles—looking like attractive jet-setters. The fun, sharable activation was enhanced by great illustrations from Andrew Rae.

You can't blame us for innocently texting you about how you're doing at 1 . but it's obvious you know what's implied. So if you're interested too, we've clipped away the frills. My pleasantries were four words long and written on the screen of your phone. Now you're walking through the snow to my house, staying up way too late considering the 10:10 class you probably won't be attending the following morning. Still, we each got we wanted. Whether you've got the nation's largest 3G coverage or can surf the web while you talk on the phone, when there's no one on your arm, know that there is someone on the other end of the line, awake at 3 ., waiting for those four little words.

"Hey babe, what's up?"

Carpe diem dating

Carpe diem dating