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word-forming element, from Greek bio- , comb. form of bios "one's life, course or way of living, lifetime" (as opposed to zoe "animal life, organic life"), from PIE root *gweie- "to live" (cf. Sanskrit jivah "alive, living;" Old English cwic "alive;" Latin vivus "living, alive," vita "life;" Middle Persian zhiwak "alive;" Old Church Slavonic zivo "to live;" Lithuanian gyvas "living, alive;" Old Irish bethu "life," bith "age;" Welsh byd "world"). Equivalent of Latin vita . The correct usage is that in biography , but in modern science it has been extended to mean "organic life."

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See? Easy peasy lemon squeezy! That actually took me 12 minutes to write (the extra two minutes were caused by the fact that no one has invented that force field yet).

Bio examples for online dating

Bio examples for online dating