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I am struggling not to be creeped out that some weirdo was stealing milk I pumped for my baby for who knows for how long. HR can’t tell us who it was, or punish him, because he wasn’t caught doing anything. The room feels secure, but I’m struggling to relax enough to pump effectively, as he’s probably still nearby. (There are around 700 people working here.) How do I get over it, knowing he still works here and I may never know who he is?

Mother-of-one Victoria said: 'I saw the advert offering to pay women to donate breast milk on a forum and it made me laugh.

The American Academy of Pediatrics supports the use of banked milk, as does La Leche League International, the world's largest breast-feeding resource. For mothers who can't breast-feed or afford banked milk, the group advises working with a doctor who can help screen donors.

Dating breast milk

Dating breast milk