Destiny raids no matchmaking - Solo players will be able to take part in Destiny 2 raids.

Though we don't know how Destiny 2 will handle players below the requirement, in the original game, the game handicapped your ability to cause damage in a way that basically made you useless to your teammates. It was the game's way of saying "please, go away." It won't be surprising if Destiny 2 uses a similar punishment to make sure people are ready.

Right from the beginning, you're treated to "Homecoming", the story campaign mission that stands as the bridge from Destiny to Destiny 2. Your Guardian returns to The Last City just in time to see an invasion by the Red Legion. After the community's wins against raid-level threats like Crota, Aksis, and Oryx, you'd think we'd put up a fight. Spoiler alert: you'd be wrong. The Red Legion and their leader Ghaul utterly stomp the collective might of the Guardians, sack the city, and take control of The Traveler, the source of the Guardians' powers.

This September, the series finally comes to PC in the form of Destiny 2. Although we’ll have to wait until May 18’s gameplay reveal—and likely later than that—to find out if the sequel will feature a raid at launch (frankly, Bungie would be insane not to include one), we can already see why the prospect of FPS-style raiding is exciting for PC. It will test your ability to communicate and improvise as much as your mouse and keyboard reactions, but the struggle will be worth it for those moments of catharsis when your team finally gets showered in loot. To get a sense of what to expect from Destiny 2 when it hits PC, let’s look at four of the best encounters from the original game in detail...

Destiny raids no matchmaking

Destiny raids no matchmaking