Dating erzgebirge - Trainers, shoes, boots and sandals at Soletrader

We talk with Remy Kuoakou Kouame, Sara Deckard and Andrea Gordon about the current issues of Black inclusion in the Lindy Hop community.

The Company’s ongoing drilling programme has completed 30 diamond holes each averaging 400 m depth, successfully validating earlier drilling results, adding lithium grade data and providing metallurgical testwork samples.

In the Tertiary period these mountain remnants came under heavy pressure as a result of plate tectonic processes during which the Alps were formed and the North American and Eurasian plates were separated. As the rock of the Ore Mountains was too brittle to be folded, it shattered into an independent fault block which was uplifted and tilted to the northwest. This can be very clearly seen at a height of 807 m above  sea level (NN) on the mountain of Komáří vížka which lies on the Czech side, east of Zinnwald-Georgenfeld , right on the edge of the fault block.

Dating erzgebirge

Dating erzgebirge